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J. Marcus

Early this morning I noticed this story about a woman who had been fired from the Minnesota Department of Transportation for misusing public finances, going AWOL during a disaster, and abusing her state-paid cell phone. After being sacked for all those reasons, she was then hired by the Department of Homeland Security as a Transportation Safety Administrator.

For a while I worked with a guy (we’ll call him Bob) who was looking to become an agent with the border patrol. Bob quit the job he and I worked at some years back, but I knew he was striving for his goal when I was recently interviewed by somebody who worked for the Department of Homeland Security. About him. The agent asked me what Bob’s hobbies were, what he talked about, his work ethic, his demeanor. I remember that after my interview about Bob, I re-considered my impressions on what was required to be hired for a government job. “Maybe they’re more on the ball than I gave them credit for,” I told my friend, who was interviewed about Bob as well.

If you’re curious as to what the Department of Homeland Security could have done to find out that Sonia Pitt was a fired federal employee with an abysmal work ethic and embarrassing track record, I’ll fill you in: A Google search.

That’s it.

The DHS still gets a nomination for the “Cover your butt” category, as after the Pitt hiring story broke this morning it seems she was fired this afternoon. One question was answered for me though – at least now, I’m pretty sure Bob got that job.

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