A Must Read


From Paul Krugman.

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  1. what exactly would you suggest?

    The Dems have 60 seats precisely because they have a big tent with Blue Dogs instead of 40 (actually 38 + the ME Sens) hard core party adherents.

    Boo hoo.  You THINK the public option MIGHT be off the table and you want to pick up your toys and run home.  There are many aspects to reform, you may not get every one of them to your ideal.

    The Republicans are united in their do nothing approach while the Dems as always when faced with adversity…pout. 

  2. @Chi Democrat   No boo hooing about it. 

    This legislation should have been darned close to a slam dunk.  The majority of people wanted it and the Obama WH has squandered the trust of enough of us by first, not writing his own bill and sending to Congress to act on.  Second, letting there be any impression that he was soft on his commitment to a program that would compete for customers with private insurers.  That is now making the entire bill look like a dicey proposition as even the 2 Rs from Maine are backing off being reasonable.

    I read the Krugman column and I think he is right on the money.  Look at the newest polling. More than half of the people asked are not so sure that the president will make the right move next.  The proverbial ball is now in Obama’s court.  It’s time that he pick up his racket with confidence and determination because the score is 40-Love.  There’s not to be any taking the ball to go home, I’m hoping to see one smacked over the net with enough skill to score.

  3. There is not a majority for a public option today.  Certain Dems feel universal care and a public option are the end all be all of health care reform.  A majority of Americans support universal care right up until the time they have to pay for it.  The majority of Americans fear increased government involvment in health care (for better or worse) and are very unclear as to how universal care will be paid for. 

    Until and unless those last two issues are resolved to the majorities satisfaction, health care reform will be stuck.

    Krugman et al. want Obama to take the liberal position and fall on its petard if need be.  I would prefer a bill with majority support (which MUST include Blue Dogs) actually pass instead of Reich/Krugman etc. feeling morally superior.

    I like the squealing from the left it frames the debate better than having to listen to Fox/Limbaugh etc. do it all the time but that does not mean the left’s ideal will be satisfied.

  4. I think Barney Frank made a great point when folks expressed concern about the public option at his town meeting. He said that if in fact most Americans don’t want it, they won’t sign up for it. So why worry about it becoming one payer, which is what I think you mean by universal care.
    Single payer and universal are not always the same thing. In Massachusetts it is certainly universal because if you do not have proof of insurance there are consequences built into the taxation system. But there is not single payer.

    The public option really is needed for true insurance reform. It’s the threat of competition from outside the industry that might force the industry to actual change.  Eithert that or even more regulations and that I think would be another mine field.

  5. Anyone who thinks the White House didn’t make this harder only needs to listen to the Republican rebuttal to the president. I heard it on NPR today and as much as it kills me to say this, they did a good job at sounding reasonable.

  6. Wonder what today will bring.

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