Sealing the Deal on Health Care Reform

by Debra Kozikowski


We really have been talking about health care reform for a very long time.

All eyes are on the House and Senate as the twists and turns of health care reform legislation keeps some of us up nights.  The talking heads on both sides of the issue blab away, the legislative action slowly moves forward and voters are wondering what the proposed changes will actually mean for them.

And who can blame them for being a little confused? 

Much of the information is incomplete and one-sided, funded by some of the biggest names in the insurance world and other related stake holders in an increasingly competitive health care delivery industry.  That’s not to say there aren’t voices of reform speaking out loud and clear about the need to get it right and in a way that creates access to health care at a cost the living can afford.

President Obama has left the details of reform to Congress, even as his opponents have gained ground with some conservative members of the president’s own party.  That may be a tactical decision he lives to regret and possibly revisit.  But for now, the president has decided to get out there and sell his plan.  

Proponents of reform say that raising questions about the costs and coverage , and the more recent nefarious business of inserting end of life issues into the conversation aren’t just red herrings.  It sure does look like an attempt to frighten folks away from supporting the public option and is not meant to be a genuine airing of the issues about the passage of legislation that most American agree is sorely needed.

Adding to the turmoil are the partisans hoping to embarrass the president — witness Republican Senator Jim DeMint and his Waterloo remark.  More than one opponent to meaningful health care reform is counting on the idea that the sale has not yet been made to the American people.   The solution?  Seal the deal with the average voter, and then we’ll see who will be playing the part of defeated General Bonaparte come the 2010 midterm elections. 

Casting calls are already underway.

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