Why, thank you! Now get out.

TB40 is going to be bringing some new voices out to play. The following is a guest post from J. Marcus. Enjoy! – TJR

Look, I’m not going to go out of my way to slander the recent triumph of the environment over big business in Florida. Charlie Crist deserves some credit for this. Hell, the last time a Republican stood up for American wildlife, it was a faux pas to be seen amongst polite company without your monocle and watch fob.

Hiding in my cave had failed me again, however, as I completely missed news earlier in the month that Crist has changed his mind to consider selling Florida’s Gulf Coast. This treason comes to us Floridians for the meager joy of possibly becoming the VP pick to John McCain.

Et tu, Cristus?

I didn’t object entirely to Charlie Crist’s election, as I saw him as the kind of Republican that makes Bush Republicans wail and gnash teeth. He presented a plan to ditch paperless touch-screen voting machines in Florida (wail), he moved ahead with a plan to fund stem-cell research (gnash), and he promised to fight for Florida’s environment (uh..teeth?). Now it looks like he’s back at the helm that Bush Republicans love to be at – selling us out in hopes of higher position and prestige.

This state is not innocent. What other state has the audacity to create a high school named after the champion of the Everglades, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, and then build it on land that was once part of the Everglades? It’s just incredible to me that Crist would sell us out for:

A) Minimal gain in regards to oil prices.

B) An obvious ploy by oil companies to get land they didn’t have access to while they shun land they already own.

C) The VP spot next to the most un-inspiring guy to run for president since… oh… right.

So we get a bone to play with of preserving the Everglades, which we should be doing anyway, in return for endangering our sea-life! All for nothing in the short-term and nearly nothing in the long-term! Ooh, ooh, sign me up!

If many years down the line there’s a run on sugar, will our future Governor push to sell back the Everglades to US Sugar? Will he or she hope that we’ll be too distracted celebrating their new “Clean the Crude off our Egrets” bill to notice?

Stay tuned, if your molars can take it.

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6 Responses to “Why, thank you! Now get out.”

  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. “Et tu, Christus?”

    “You too, Christ?”

  3. I think J was referring to “Crist” – being the gov’s last name.

  4. @ JDB — there was no “h” it was “Et tu, Cristus?”  as in “Et tu, Brutus?” — Caesar’s shout out before falling down dead.   My take …  J was calling out Governor Crist on the issue at hand.  

    I smiled at his well placed light touch.  And I’m guessing if egrets could clap they would be frantically applauding J’s support.

  5. I find it odd that in the midst of all this talk of offshore drilling nobody is bringing up the recent SCOTUS ruling in Exxon vs. Baker (the Exxon Valdez Oil spill.) 

    Floridians need to understand that if they allow off shore drilling they are opening a pandoras box.  Big Oil owns this country, and any attempt make them pay for their misdeads will be defeated regardless of how guilty Big Oil is.

  6. Thanks for the input everybody, and thanks for the warm welcome. I think hope that offshore drilling is only posturing from Crist; for now there hasn’t been much movement on the issue. But Rasmussen reported yesterday that 59% of Floridians support offshore drilling -probably so long as they can’t see the platforms from their back yard.
    They won’t listen to anybody on the environment unless they have an (R) in front of their name, so if anyone needs me, I’ll be in my lab trying to resurrect the corpse of Teddy Roosevelt. 

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