By Sean Reagan

Conservative Republican Marilyn Musgrave is facing added attacks in her efforts to defend her Colorado House seat.

The Hill is reporting that the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has jump-started their campaign to help unseat the incumbent with a $210,000 media buy.

Earlier this week, the group endorsed Democratic challenger Betsy Markey in a press release that – to put it bluntly – didn’t mince words.

“Marilyn Musgrave has spent her years in Congress serving the special interests and not the public interest. She has repeatedly voted with big oil and other polluters at the expense of the environment, a record which earned her a score of zero on our 2007 conservation report card,” added Schlickeisen.

Each year, the Defenders Action Fund marks each member of Congress on a set of environment votes: a process that has awarded Marilyn Musgrave a life time score of just 2%.

Musgrave held onto her seat in 2006 by the skin of her teeth, garnering just 46% of the vote – and that was with several visits from George W. Bush to help boost her candidacy. In ’04 she just barely inched over the 50% mark, beating Stan Matsunaka. Those are anemic numbers in what is traditionally a Republican district.

Small wonder the Democrats think her seat is a vulnerable one.

This new ad buy is a real blow to Musgrave. Earlier this month, the Cook Report moved her seat from “leans Republican” to “toss-up.”

House editor David Wasserman explained in the Cook Political Report that Democratic candidate Betsy Markey “has finally gotten her campaign operation into shape” against incumbent U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-Fort Morgan).

Democratic strategists, Wasserman added, “also say she carries less baggage than 2006 nominee Angie Paccione, who came within three points of defeating Musgrave.”

Private polls taken earlier in the race gave Markey a 7-point lead on her opponent.

Also playing in Markey’s favor this year is Obama’s popularity in the state and his campaign’s decision to play hard for its electoral votes.

Obama currently holds a narrow lead over McCain in the state, which may forecast a red-to-blue moment in November.

Colorado has gone Republican in the last three presidential contests, reelecting George W. Bush in 2004 by five percentage points. Over the past forty years, Colorado has cast its Electoral Votes for the Democrats just once—for Bill Clinton in 1992. But Obama and his party have targeted it as a swing state this year. Obama has shown surprising strength in Colorado against his Republican opponent, especially since McCain handily defeated Clinton in survey match-ups before her withdrawal from the race.

Worth noting as well is that Democrat Mark Udall holds a 9-point lead on Republican Bob Schaffer in the race for Colorado’s senate seat.

Looks a blue wave building in Colorado!

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  3. In the future, it would help if the politician’s state is mentioned from the beginning. I had no idea you were talking about Colorado until the bottom, especially when you say things like “Also playing in Markey’s favor this year is Obama’s popularity in the state and his campaign’s decision to play hard for its electoral votes.” but we don’t know which state Obama is popular in.

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