We Interrupt This Program . . .

By Sean Reagan

Just a quick note to let everyone know that going forward we’ll be sharing content between The Back Forty and The Field.  Tracy gets us rolling with this well-deserved McCain smackdown . . .


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3 Responses to “We Interrupt This Program . . .”

  1. As I just posted on the Field that’s great.

    But a little update on Al, would be even better!

  2. “Sharing content”?  Covering for the dustup about deleting Al’s Excellent Blogpost is more like it. 
    And Tracy’s post is more suited to Talking Points Media than to The Field.  It’s Chicken Little baiting.  I took the worm but spat it out and any minute now will delete this bookmark and leave you be.

  3. What’s going on? Did something happen to Al?

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