100 Days and Still Happy?

by Debra Kozikowski 

happy1According to Reuters FACTBOX, if stock market returns were the measure of POTUS’ success in the first 100 days, Barack Obama would rank 9th out of 19 sitting presidents since 1901. And the number one performer? You guessed right if you said FDR.

We’ve been fascinated by the first 100 days as the watershed moment in a new president’s term ever since the Best President Ever wowed the nation with his fast track to recovery from The Great Depression.

Still, it is 2009, and there are other measures worth noting. So just how green is Barack Obama? Not to mention his Flickr quotient, but is that really an important factor in determining how the rest of us feel about the president’s performance?

We’re not all community organizers and activists or cyber surfers. Some of us are just regular Joes who had a lot to say about candidate Obama last year. And are we happy with President Obama’s First 100 Days?

It sure seems that way.

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2 Responses to “100 Days and Still Happy?”

  1. Well said.

  2. This was pretty funny and I looked at every link. Love the “regular Joes” from last year!

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