Most of chain e-mail’s assertions about health bill are lies, say independent, nonpartisan analysts

by Al Cross A widely circulated, chain e-mail about the health-reform bill passed by a House committee “contains 48 claims. Twenty-six of them are false and the rest mostly misleading. Only four are true,” the independent, nonpartisan analysts at say in their latest post. Among the lies: A government committee will decide what treatments […]

Until We Meet Again

by Debra Kozikowski It’s been widely reported that Senator Edward M. Kennedy had made his peace with dying and was ready to be reunited with his beloved brothers, whose lives were cut short in a series of tragedies no family should have to bear.  In a conversation with Vice President Joe Biden earlier this week, Senator Kennedy’s wife of seventeen years, Victoria Reggie […]

Hear Him Roar

by Matt L. Barron This is the bumper sticker so many of us in Massachusetts have affixed to our cars in one incarnation or another over the better part of my fifty years on this earth.  I cast my first vote for Ted Kennedy in 1976—he has always been my senator and his passing got me to thinking […]

Another Must Read

Paul Krugman tells it the way he sees it … again.

Stressed Out by the Health Care Debate?

by Debra Kozikowski Here’s a good one.  CNN radio reports, among other bad news, that the health care reform debate could be making us sick.  Adding another layer of stress to a stressful time, what with an uncertain economy marked by job losses, high prices at the pump and a shaky Wall Street, there is added tension in […]

A Must Read

From Paul Krugman.

The Guns of August

By Debra Kozikowski   When push came to shove the left cried uncle, and to make matters just that much worse for some folks, they tried to save face by saying a public option in the health care package wasn’t “essential” to reforming health insurance coverage.  It wasn’t the hard right that took the heart of […]

The Summer of My Discontent

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson I beg forgiveness of William Shakespeare’s spirit for my blatant misuse of his immortal phrase “the winter of our discontent.” I’m not unique in this misconstruction.  Here’s the whole quote.  Bear with me here.  This won’t take long. Shakespeare’s “Richard The Third” begins with Richard, who will himself become king one […]

Administration’s Rural Tour makes stops in Alaska

by Al Cross The word “unique” is not supposed to take modifiers of degree, but every stop on the Obama administration’s Rural Tour is arguably unique, and the latest one was probably the most unique — or, to be grammatically correct, the one that was most undoubtedly unique. It was in rural Alaska, off the […]

An Oasis in Motown’s ‘Food Desert’

By Matt L. Barron For most of us with working vehicles, a weekly trip to a favorite roadside stand for some fresh-picked sweet corn and vine-ripened tomatoes is part of the summer routine. But what if you live in one of America’s big cities, far from a local farm? Even the best public transportation systems […]