Go Fooducate Yourself

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson Photo: flickr / The Classic Farmhouse Here’s a cool way to learn more about food and nutrition. It’s Fooducate, a blog whose name says it all.  Its purpose is to educate eaters about the food they take into their bodies.  I’m impressed. I haven’t hung out on the site long enough […]

Sealing the Deal on Health Care Reform

by Debra Kozikowski We really have been talking about health care reform for a very long time. All eyes are on the House and Senate as the twists and turns of health care reform legislation keeps some of us up nights.  The talking heads on both sides of the issue blab away, the legislative action slowly […]

Calling All Locavores

by Debra Kozikowski From Lewiston, Maine and the Great Falls Farmers and Artisans Market’s Eat Local Week that begins on Aug. 4 to the 1st annual Missouri Local Foods Cooking Demonstration at the 2009 Missouri State Fair August 13th-23rd, cooking and eating local foods is all the rage. Finding your area’s local harvest hot spots is trendy and […]

Easy Pickins’ Orchard and Me

by Debra Kozikowski Finally, the politics of food has given way to the actual harvest of great tasting locally grown produce. From the White House to my house, cooking the bounty from our gardens is a daily occupation this time of year. As much as we love our daily haul of yellow beans, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and raspberries soon to […]

To Listen or Lecture, That is the Question

by Debra Kozikowski The Obama administration’s” Rural Tour” is in full swing and rural advocates hope for more listening than lecturing when it comes to addressing the needs of America’s small towns and rural communities. In a piece titled Searching for Hamlet: To be or not to be for rural education, Marty Strange and Robin […]

Where’s Miryam?

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson Photo: dogman!/flickr DebbyKoz thought it might be a good idea if I told those who wonder where I am and why I’m not posting.  I’m touched that people have written to her, asking.  Here’s the scoop. I’m not hiding.  I didn’t go away.  I’m not on strike.  I’m writing a book […]

Three Wise men, Planting Ideas Where It Counts

by Al Cross Author-farmer Wendell Berry, right, geneticist Wes Jackson, center, and sustainable-agriculture advocate Fred Kirschenmann, left, lobbied the Obama administration and senators this week “for a new kind of food policy,” The Washington Post reports. The trio wants “a 50-year-farm bill, a proposal for gradual, systemic change in American farming. The plan asks for […]

Update: Health Care Reform Wars

by Debra Kozikowski “Neither urban nor rural alone has the ability to take up a change agenda for all Americans. Rural and urban joined together, however, can take up a new opportunity agenda that stands for everyone.”  Source: Our Shared Fate: Bridging the rural-urban divide creates new opportunities for prosperity and equity in America, June 2008 […]

Rural Afterschool Programs: Is Help on the Way?

By Erik Peterson Back to school season is just around the corner, and with it the worry of the afterschool hours.  In communities nationwide, 14.3 million children head out the school door each afternoon, to spend the afterschool hours alone and unsupervised.  The effect?  Parents worry, and with good reason – juvenile crime soars from […]

Obama Picks Rural Physician for Surgeon General

By Al Cross A woman who established a rural health clinic in a fishing community on the Alabama coast, then rebuilt it twice after hurricanes, is President Obama’s nominee for surgeon general of the United States. Regina Benjamin (right) is founder and CEO of Bayou La Batre Rural Health Clinic. She won a “genius grant” from […]