Working Class Values

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson “People in my neighborhood don’t like the phrase ‘working class.’ The guys I grew up with, their mothers mostly didn’t work back in those days, and their fathers didn’t go to college. But they were proud, and if you asked them what they were, they were middle class.” –Joe Biden, video […]

Can a Viking be VP?

J. Marcus I’ll give the McCain campaign much credit, they can play us all like a fiddle. Sure, we’re all buzzing about Sarah Palin’s gender today, but tomorrow you’ll realize the implications of the decision made on golden pond. Your next Vice-President could be a Viking. We may never know what God-fearing township she conquered […]

Words on the Web

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson Something posted here recently as a comment inspires me to share an experience I had in the early days of my connection with the Internet. I offer it as food for thought. Actually, it wasn’t the Internet in those days; it was still known as ARPANET and it wasn’t open to […]

Live blogging the last night of the convention

I should have thought of doing this before.  I’ve been watching the convention on C-SPAN and writing the first draft of an essay on class that I’ll post here in a couple of days.  Then Al Gore came on. I’ve never heard a comment from Barack about Gore’s challenge to have all our energy generated […]

Excerpts from Barack’s Acceptance Speech

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson As I write this, I’m watching Tim Kaine speak at Mile High Stadium in Denver. It’s 8:11 p.m. He has the crowd yelling, :”Move, mountain.” “And the mountain will move,” he says, and that’s the end of his speech.  Now Bill Richardson is starting. Update 8:15 p.m. Richardson just tossed off a […]

Three messages in one post

Three slightly related items here: 1. Cell phones as a campaign tool Tonight at Mile High Stadium, the 80,000 or so people assembled to hear Barack Obama’s acceptance speech will be asked to send a text message on their cell phones to a specific number. Doing that will get their cell phone numbers into the […]

Tonight’s the Night

By Tracy Russo Denver is abuzz. The streets are packed. The people are pumped. Tonight is the big night. I’m heading over to Invesco field early at the advice of people in the know who expect it to be a mad house past 2pm. Yesterday was another crazy day. I’ll have some pics and video […]

Bill Clinton Said It All

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson Bill Clinton gave his full-throated endorsement to Barack Obama at Wednesday’s convention session. Video is at The Jed Report. Jed Lewison picked the quotes I would have written down if I hadn’t been so enthralled. (Times are Pacific Time.) 6:10PM: Bill Clinton just took the stage a few minutes ago, and […]

Tuesday at the Convention

By Tracy Russo Day 2 dawned bright and early. Much brighter and much earlier than anyone would have liked given the late hours of the night that this event seems to demand one keep. I spent the AM with the College Democrats of America speaking on a panel about the way New Media has altered […]

What She Didn’t Say

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson I so wanted to be pleased and relieved by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s speech to the Democratic National Convention. I was neither. Call me ungrateful, but the two things she didn’t say to the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) contingent sounded louder in my ears than the things she did say. The […]