Move On Moves In

Seeing this in my inbox this morning, just made me chuckle. I imagine the RNC and the McCain campaign are going to be shaking their fists in the air at the sheer nerve of for using John McCain’s own words against him! The ad will air on cable and in New Mexico and Iowa.

Super Students

Looks like Deb isnt’ the only Super on the block who’s asking for feedback. The President and Vice President of College Democrats of America, each of whom get a super-delegate vote, are asking for input in a cute new video aimed at the YouTube generation.

100 Years and Then Some

By Tracy Russo The Republican National Committee is in a pickle. You see, they’ve got a presumptive nominee who has said some pretty awful things and they just hate being reminded of that fact. They hate that pesky little things like video footage and the truth are making it hard for them to convince you […]


By Tracy Russo Hogwash: n. Worthless, false, or ridiculous speech or writing; nonsense. Garbage fed to hogs; swill. John McCain toured a children’s hospital in Florida today. I know, because the press told me. They also told me how awesome it is that John McCain can understand the pain of children with cleft palates because […]

Monday Morning McCain

By Tracy Russo Paul Krugman‘s column today is a must-read: The McCain tax plan contains three main elements. First, Mr. McCain proposes making almost all of the Bush tax cuts, which are currently scheduled to expire at the end of 2010, permanent. (He proposes reinstating the inheritance tax, albeit at a very low rate.) Second, […]

Beyond the Photo Ops, It’s Just More of the Same

By Tracy Russo Number crunching wonks over at the Center for American Progress have compiled an excellent summary of John McCain’s economic agenda and what it would mean for American families living in poverty. The news is exactly what you’d expect – tax cuts for corporations and wealthy Americans that leave struggling families behind. More […]

The Edwards People

By Tracy Russo Aside from the question, “Who is John Edwards going to endorse?” – the question I was most frequently asked after the Edwards campaign came to an end was, “Where will his supporters go?” I always thought that his absence would effect each state differently – as different electorates were prone to support […]

I’m Confused

By Tracy Russo Can someone explain to me why the media is gleefully reporting on the fact that John McCain is criticizing the Bush Administration for its Katrina response when John McCain was in fact eating cake with President Bush during that exact period of non-response? What am I missing here?

A Test of Leadership

By Tracy Russo You may have heard that the North Carolina Republican Party is running a ridiculous excuse for an ad. Purporting to be an ad opposing two Democrats who are running for Governor, the ad ties those Democratic candidates to Barack Obama, by noting that both candidates have endorsed Barack Obama, and ties Barack […]