Pandering Establishment GOP Governor Wannabe Ed Gillespie Alienates Both the Trump Base and the Mainstream Republicans in Virginia Race

It’s the worst of both worlds for Republican Ed Gillespie as the governor’s race enters the final weekend. Down the homestretch, Gillespie managed to disappoint (and is some cases anger) establishment Republicans with an inauthentic panic-driven foray into the world of Trump-style politics. As fears that a victory was moving out of reach, the Gillespie […]

Guilty of Getting Himself Killed

You want proof that his race was what got Trayvon Martin killed? Try this: a jury of six white women found his 29-year-old killer not guilty of second degree murder or even manslaughter because the 17-year-old black boy, wearing a hoodie in the rain and armed with a bag of candy and a can of […]

Continued Without a Finding

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson In March, I told you about a well-known sports figure who was arrested hereabouts on charges of arguing while black. I didn’t give his name because I didn’t know how widely the story would be reported and didn’t want to contribute to his public humiliation. Well, the story was widely reported, […]

Arguing While Black

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson I’m steaming here.  If you’re black, you already know about the subject of this post. If you’re not black, but have no interest in white racism and white privilege, go find something else to read. A while back, in a place not far from where I live, a man came out […]

Thoughts About Columbus Day

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson I can’t explain this, but from the time I was a child I’ve had mixed feelings about Columbus Day. I don’t know many indigenous people, or at least I don’t know many who identify themselves as such. But I remember thinking, the first time a teacher said Columbus discovered America, “What […]


By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson The neighborhood in Philadelphia in which I grew up was made up almost entirely of working class and lower-middle-class whites, mostly Jewish with enough Catholics to support a church and parochial school that went from first through twelfth grade. The only racial prejudice I knew of personally as a child was […]