Work in Progress: Rural Southwestern Virginia Deserves a Boost

Rural Southwestern Virginia is home to hard working folks who just want a good steady job. Fortunately, state leaders have been working diligently the past couple of years to bring new, sustainable business and opportunity to Southwestern Virginia. For starters, the University of Virginia’s College at Wise and community colleges in the region are retooling […]

A Rural Voters Bill of Rights and Responsibility

A Rural Voters Bill of Rights and Responsibility On this, Independence Day 2017, we hereby declare these rights and responsibilities for public consumption, comment and dissemination: The Constitution We respect and abide by the rules, liberties and protections granted in the U.S. Constitution of the United States in its entirety. We reject any attempt at […]

The Broken Promises of Trumpenomics and Ryanomics

From manufacturing jobs to agribusiness to affordable health care made available to more Americans, the GOP leadership is in the midst of pulling off one of the biggest bait and switch schemes in the history of campaign trail whoppers. Fortunately, the reality of market forces and economic fundamentals has a choke hold on some of […]

Health Insurance Reform That Hurts Rural Americans: Whose Bad Idea Was That?

The irony of all ironies is that the Trumpcare or Ryancare replacement for Obamacare (which went down in flames) would have eliminated health care for 24 million Americans, hurting white, rural America most of all. Clearly, this bill would have eliminated coverage made affordable for many Trump voters.

Back to the Future

Seventy-six years ago, Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt fought for re-election in a time of crisis. The question has been raised in today in moneylife magazine, Can Obama do a FDR? Click on FDR to hear what President Roosevelt had to say about the forces behind inequity for hard-working Americans in 1936. I think you’ll agree […]

The Republicans’ Agenda

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson If you’re not convinced about the Republican Party’s agenda for the current legislative session, listen up. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called the shot after the 2010 congressional mid-term election.  His goal for the next two years, he said, was to ensure that Barack Obama is a one-term president. I […]

Enough About Osama Bin Laden

Once in a while I come across a blog post so powerful that I can’t just condense and link to it. It has to be seen in full. This is one of those posts. Enough About Osama Bin Laden. When Will Wall Street Crooks Go To Jail? Where Are The Jobs? by: Hillbilly Sat May […]

What’s Next?

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson Yesterday’s election results left no doubt that  economic recovery is #1 on the voters’ agenda.  Here’s a rule politicians would do well to memorize: When people aren’t thinking with their hormones, they’re thinking with their wallets. Now we have a House of Representatives that thinks the way to recovery consists of […]

If they’re in charge, what happens to you?

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson After weeks during which the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (not to be confused with the lunch bunch in your home town, a group of local shopkeepers and independent business people who have a pretty good idea of what it’s like to be you) has pumped millions of dollars into attack ads […]

Lewison: Slash Jobs, Get a Raise

Posted by Miryam Ehrlich Williamson I have more to say about fresh produce and children, but it can wait. This post, by someone whose opinions always make sense to me and whose way of expressing them I admire, is more important. Jed Lewison’s explanation of why our economy is how it is and what needs […]