Palin the Beauty Pageant Contestant

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson Jimmy Zuma bases his blog, Smart v. Stupid on the premise that Today’s battle for power is between smart and stupid. His political commentary, he says, is “aimed at elevating smart ideas and debunking dumb ones.”  This much I got from an e-mail newsletter that came my way. I don’t agree […]

From Sea to Shining Sea

by Debra Kozikowski This week President Obama will go from a Town Hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to a Friday visit in Bozeman, Montana.  That is definitely from one end to the other when it comes to traveling the distance in the lower 48. It’s all health care all the time during the August congressional recess as the […]

The House That Todd Built

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson It’s funny how things happen.  On October 14, 1962, I was fixing lunch for my three children, who were 1, 4, and 5, when the phone rang. Someone was doing a survey of radio listeners.  “Is your radio on now?” she asked.  It wasn’t.  We both hung up. I don’t know […]