Rural Election Watch: New Mexico Senate

DEMOCRAT TOM UDALL TAKES A BIG EARLY LEAD By Sean Reagan Democratic Congressman Tom Udall is taking on Republican Steve Pearce, who narrowly defeated Heather Wilson in their hard-fought primary, in the race to replace retiring Republican Senator Pete Domenici who has held the seat since 1973. Udall has politics in the blood. He’s got […]

Hagan Hangs Tight On Dole

By Sean Reagan It seems like just yesterday that Republican Elizabeth Dole was running for President, getting short-listed for the V.P. slot, then winning Jesse Helms’ North Carolina senate seat. A former Secretary of Transportation under Reagan and Secretary of Labor under Bush I, Dole’s Republican resume is top notch. Democrats are hoping that 2008 […]

Blue Colorado

By Sean Reagan Republicans looking for a silver lining are diverting their eyes from Colorado’s senate race. Democrat Mark Udall has opened up a nine-point lead on Republican Bob Schaffer, his widest yet. The two candidates in Colorado are essentially tied among male voters, but Udall has a sixteen-point lead among women. Udall earns support […]

Steamin’ Shaheen

By Sean Reagan Jeanne Shaheen is shaking things up in New Hampshire. The state’s first female Governor is taking on unpopular incumbent Senator John Sununu. If early polling holds, it’s a likely pickup for Senate Democrats. On the other hand, it’s early, and in a state like New Hampshire, a lot can happen. Kerry eked […]

Like Father, Like Son

By Sean Reagan Former Rep. Jim Slattery is taking on incumbent Pat Roberts for a Kansas Senator. Slattery represented KS-02 in Congress from 1983 to 1994, when he ran for Governor. Announcing his decision to run, Slattery said: I’m running for office because the U.S. Senate is simply not getting the job done. On the […]

Something To Talk About

By Sean Reagan When last we checked, Rep. Tom Allen was down ten points in his race to unseat Republican incumbent Susan Collins. The bright side was that he was gaining ground (six points) and that polls showed high rates of discontent amongst Mainers. No new polls, but the Boston Globe is reporting that Collins […]

Susan Collins And The Enron Loophole

By Sean Reagan Republican Susan Collins leads Tom Allen in the race to retain her Maine Senate seat. But people are starting to take notice of her vote against the Farm Bill. Yesterday, the Bangor News said that the bill – which Sen. Snowe and Reps. Michaud and Allen supported – included a provision that […]

More on Udall v. Schaffer

By Sean Reagan David Kurtz over at Talking Points Memo hoists his spade and digs a little dirt on Republican Bob Schaffer: Forget Jack Abramoff and parasailing in the Marina Islands. Colorado GOP Senate candidate Bob Schaffer has another problem on his hands. The president of a foundation for which Schaffer served on the board […]

Mark Udall Pulls Ahead

By Sean Reagan Democratic Congressman Mark Udall is taking on former Congressman Bob Schaffer for the Senate seat held by retiring Republican Wayne Allard. Udall currently holds a six point lead over Schaffer, 47%-41%.  That’s his biggest lead going back five polls into November, 2007 when Schaffer was actually up by 1%.  The trend has […]

A Bump Up For Tom Allen In Maine

By Sean Reagan The latest Rasmussen numbers are the proverbial cloud with a silver lining for Maine Rep. Tom Allen who’s challenging Susan Collins for her Senate seat. He’s down ten points to Collins – 52% to 42% – but that reflects a six point gain in just one month. Going forward, there are two […]