Senate Bill Cuts NAIS Funds in Half

by Debra Kozikowski Last week, the U.S .Senate passed an agriculture spending bill that cut funding for the controversial National Animal Identification System in half and only allows it to be used for rule making and not to implement the program scheduled to start on October 1.  Tom Steever of Brownfield Network reported the House […]

Calling All Locavores

by Debra Kozikowski From Lewiston, Maine and the Great Falls Farmers and Artisans Market’s Eat Local Week that begins on Aug. 4 to the 1st annual Missouri Local Foods Cooking Demonstration at the 2009 Missouri State Fair August 13th-23rd, cooking and eating local foods is all the rage. Finding your area’s local harvest hot spots is trendy and […]

Three Wise men, Planting Ideas Where It Counts

by Al Cross Author-farmer Wendell Berry, right, geneticist Wes Jackson, center, and sustainable-agriculture advocate Fred Kirschenmann, left, lobbied the Obama administration and senators this week “for a new kind of food policy,” The Washington Post reports. The trio wants “a 50-year-farm bill, a proposal for gradual, systemic change in American farming. The plan asks for […]

What’s On Your Food?

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson OMG, as the texters say. The apple I had for lunch may have had 42 different pesticide residues on it, according to the USDA pesticide testing program. Yes, I washed it, but I have no idea how much residue washing removes. I guess this is why some people (not me, not […]

“Little Crop of Horrors,” or, How Can They Say This Stuff?

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson Only in America would an industry dedicated to selling petroleum-based fertilizers, genetically modified seeds, and pesticides so safe you’re advised to put on a respirator before you apply them to your plants call what they advocate “conventional agriculture.” Only in America would a lobbying organization representing this industry – an organization […]

Food Safety Overhaul Finally Cooking

By Matt L. Barron   Sickly spinach. Salmonella-tainted peanut butter. E. coli-burgers. It is enough to make Upton Sinclair reach for a sickbag. Sinclair, whose 1906 muckraking book The Jungle, exposed the gross and unsanitary conditions of Chicago’s meat packing plants and helped pass the Pure Food & Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act, might […]