Pull out your old Merriam-Webster and look up the word “spine”

By Debra Kozikowski Just yesterday afternoon, according to this exchange reported by Dana Milbank, journalist Helen Thomas seemed to be in top form as she dogged White House spokesman Robert Gibbs for an answer about the president standing up for the public option in health care reform.  “Is he going to fight for it or […]

Is President Obama Finally Taking Off the Gloves?

by Debra Kozikowski to take one’s gloves off     Fig. to stop being calm or civil and show an intention of winning a dispute. After months of letting lawmakers, loudmouths and media consultants, most of whom sure seem bought and paid for by the insurance industry, dictate the national debate on health insurance reform, President Barack Obama finally appears […]

Hear Him Roar

by Matt L. Barron This is the bumper sticker so many of us in Massachusetts have affixed to our cars in one incarnation or another over the better part of my fifty years on this earth.  I cast my first vote for Ted Kennedy in 1976—he has always been my senator and his passing got me to thinking […]

The Guns of August

By Debra Kozikowski   When push came to shove the left cried uncle, and to make matters just that much worse for some folks, they tried to save face by saying a public option in the health care package wasn’t “essential” to reforming health insurance coverage.  It wasn’t the hard right that took the heart of […]

The Summer of My Discontent

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson I beg forgiveness of William Shakespeare’s spirit for my blatant misuse of his immortal phrase “the winter of our discontent.” I’m not unique in this misconstruction.  Here’s the whole quote.  Bear with me here.  This won’t take long. Shakespeare’s “Richard The Third” begins with Richard, who will himself become king one […]

On Schedule

by Debra Kozikowski I picked up the phone yesterday afternoon to hear my friend say, “There’s a guy with a gun strapped to his leg outside Obama’s town hall meeting in Portsmouth.”  “Hate mongers” was the way another political friend and ally described the crowd he saw assembled outside the Portsmouth High School on his television […]

From Sea to Shining Sea

by Debra Kozikowski This week President Obama will go from a Town Hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to a Friday visit in Bozeman, Montana.  That is definitely from one end to the other when it comes to traveling the distance in the lower 48. It’s all health care all the time during the August congressional recess as the […]

Knickers in a Twist Over Health Care Reform

by Debra Kozikowski “We have talked and talked and talked about fixing health care for decades. And we have finally reached a point where inaction is no longer an option-where the choice to defer reform is nothing more than a decision to defend the status quo … I will not defend the status quo.” – […]

To Listen or Lecture, That is the Question

by Debra Kozikowski The Obama administration’s” Rural Tour” is in full swing and rural advocates hope for more listening than lecturing when it comes to addressing the needs of America’s small towns and rural communities. In a piece titled Searching for Hamlet: To be or not to be for rural education, Marty Strange and Robin […]

Obama Picks Rural Physician for Surgeon General

By Al Cross A woman who established a rural health clinic in a fishing community on the Alabama coast, then rebuilt it twice after hurricanes, is President Obama’s nominee for surgeon general of the United States. Regina Benjamin (right) is founder and CEO of Bayou La Batre Rural Health Clinic. She won a “genius grant” from […]