We Can’t Give Up Democracy to the Russians, or Anyone Else

Nothing is more coveted in western democracy more than an individual’s right to vote for the candidate or issue of their choice. While a privilege for all Americans, the rural voter who may have to travel many miles to get to a ballot box to cast a vote understands the value and meaning of democracy […]

Seems to Me I’ve Heard That Song Before

The title of this essay is that of a song I remember from bygone days. Frank Sinatra used to sing it. Listening to Barack Obama and John Kerry give their rationale for attacking Syria, gave me an ear worm – the song keeps running around in my brain and I’m sick of hearing it. The […]

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Just as Congress was heading home for a five-week vacation, the administration closed embassies throughout the Middle East, warning of increased danger of an attack somewhere, on something, and telling people everywhere to be extra cautious. Gradually, it emerged that the warning came because someone overheard a phone  conversation between two Al Aqaeda leaders about […]

Barack Obama as Charlie Brown

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson One of the recurring themes in “Peanuts,” Charles Schultz’s deliciously amusing cartoon, involved Lucy persuading Charlie Brown over and over again to kick a football she’d hold for him.  The hapless little boy would come at a run, give it his all, and at the last minute Lucy would pull the […]

Brown Barn Coats and START

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson I’ve got to hand it to Scott Brown, the new Republican senator from Massachusetts. He and his staff do e-mail well.  I wrote to him about the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) on November 6 and I got a full and forthright reply November 9. It’s not what I wanted […]

Iraq Vets Group Supports Climate Change Legislation

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson Support for a strong climate change bill, coupled with the argument that cutting America’s addiction to oil in half will help us increase our nation’s security and reduce the likelihood of a war against Iran, comes from a quarter that will surprise many: veterans of the war on Iraq. VoteVets, a […]

Of Thee I Sing …

        by Debra Kozikowski Wreath laying, flag waving, parades, backyard barbeques and on every cable movie channel it’s a war movie marathon. I watched one yesterday afternoon, set during World War II with a scene of soldiers in foxholes under a snowy sky. Some were trying to sleep, some were chatting, others complaining, and all but one unaware of the name […]