What Bill Maher Said

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson Photo: Fox News I may have my head handed to me for this one, but this quote from Bill Maher’s June 19 monologue, “New Rules,” on HBO is something I wish I’d written. [… E]very time Obama tries to take on a progressive cause, there’s a major political party standing in […]


J. Marcus When a campaign takes a kitchen sink approach, there needs to be some time spent afterwards to de-rile the masses. Hillary Clinton did this easily, and the votes show she did it successfully, as her goals were the same as Obama’s. John McCain and Sarah Palin have no such desires, so they’ve gone […]

ACORN says, “Not this time.”

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson ACORN, the organization dedicated to advocacy for low- and moderate-income people, is fighting back against the McCain Campaign and Republican Party’s attempt to brand them as a danger to American democracy., by charging them with voter fraud. Granted, a few bad apples have tried to pad their paychecks by filing voter […]

McCain’s Ag Cheerleaders – Who Are These Guys?

By Matt L. Barron John McCain finally got around to announcing a national steering committee of farmers and ranchers on October 6, 2008 — just shy of one month from the election. And mimicking the Bush-Cheney campaigns of 2000 and 2004, McCain’s boosters are called the “McCain Farm & Ranch Team.” Telling in itself, since […]

Economic Surgery: Who Do We Trust With the Scalpel?

by Luke Kozikowski Right now, the majority of U.S. citizens are bracing for 1929, but with the right team in Washington, we may not need to hang up our Robe de Styles and begin bootlegging moonshine just yet. The “good news” about our problems is we aren’t alone. Despite today’s bump, the Euro is in […]

Outrageous Outrage

J. Marcus I have never before been as shocked and awed as when I heard Barack Obama use the phrase “Lipstick on a pig”. Despite the context of the quote I have chosen to believe that Obama was talking exclusively about Sarah Palin’s physique, and there’s no transcript, audio file, video, or smoke signal you […]


J. Marcus While everyone was sleeping with cell phones nearby for the inevitable “OK evry1 I pickd Biden 4 VP lol!”, I was having a blast playing my favorite game McCainopoly against some friends. Don’t bother looking for it in stores, McCainopoly isn’t for sale. This game can only be passed down to you from […]

There’s No Place Like Home

By Tracy Russo In John McCain’s case – there are at least 7 places that are like home. You see, John McCain can’t remember how many houses he owns, which I suppose is a totally normal dilemma for someone who is completely divorced from the reality of economics – both his own personal financial affairs […]

A Snow Job Trumps A Flood

J. MarcusJohn McCain has announced that he will give us his VP pick on August 29th, his birthday. Awww. Happy birthday, little guy!You may have remembered from the picture that it’s also the day that Katrina hit New Orleans and devastated one of the largest cities in the United States. Normally, John would’ve been mad […]

You Be The Judge

By Sean Reagan Courtesy of Taegan Goddard we learn that John McCain may be lifting his speeches from none other than . . . Wikipedia! A Wikipedia editor emailed Political Wire to point out some similarities between Sen. John McCain’s speech today on the crisis in Georgia and the Wikipedia article on the country Georgia. […]