J. Marcus Over the past three weeks the President-elect has been making appointments for his cabinet, and while some of his choices surprise me, I can’t say I’ve been floored. Naming Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State is a political masterstroke in my opinion, as not only is she qualified, but it clearly ties her […]

Giving Them What They Want

J. Marcus A conservative friend of mine has been down a bit lately. He was never that enthused about McCain, bristled at the thought of a President Palin, and despondent about his votes in 2000 and 2004 for he now calls “Neoconsocialism”. I’ve hated that my friend has been down since… yikes, February… so I’ve […]

Can a Viking be VP?

J. Marcus I’ll give the McCain campaign much credit, they can play us all like a fiddle. Sure, we’re all buzzing about Sarah Palin’s gender today, but tomorrow you’ll realize the implications of the decision made on golden pond. Your next Vice-President could be a Viking. We may never know what God-fearing township she conquered […]


J. Marcus While everyone was sleeping with cell phones nearby for the inevitable “OK evry1 I pickd Biden 4 VP lol!”, I was having a blast playing my favorite game McCainopoly against some friends. Don’t bother looking for it in stores, McCainopoly isn’t for sale. This game can only be passed down to you from […]

John McCain – Dancing Queen?

J. Marcus Blender tied down the two candidates recently to discuss yet another silly puff piece about what each candidate listens to. After looking at their lists, however, I saw that the candidates are trying to convey their election pitches in the choices they provided us. Let’s take a look.The number #1’s:Obama – Ready or […]

The Hackground Check

J. MarcusEarly this morning I noticed this story about a woman who had been fired from the Minnesota Department of Transportation for misusing public finances, going AWOL during a disaster, and abusing her state-paid cell phone. After being sacked for all those reasons, she was then hired by the Department of Homeland Security as a […]

Lamar Alexander (R-TN) Saves Us All

J. MarcusLast week, while everybody was fighting over Obama’s coverage and McCain’s senior moments, we missed out on a groundbreaking solution that will save the world. It’s an idea so powerful, so compelling, that it will be compared to the human achievement of agriculture. It will make those smarmy jerks who hand out Nobel prizes […]

Great Idea

By Tracy Russo Why yes, John McCain. That’s a fantastic idea. Get on stage with a young, brilliant, charismatic, eloquent debater who has shown he can hold his own, and rock the stage on more than one occasion. Engage in a debate with someone who was right on the very issue you have based your […]

Snarky Cynicism

Ezra, noting the 40 month period of disastrous approval ratings George W. Bush has racked up, writes: It’s something of a crisis for our political system that the president has now spent over three years hated and mistrusted by the majority of the country, and yet has never felt the need to take steps to […]