Who Gets To Vote?

Two hundred thirty-eight years ago today America was born. Under the shadow of the American Revolution a nation of promise and hope was created. Then it happened: the Second Continental Congress restricted the right to vote to white, free, male landowners, over the age of 21. That was the start of our nation’s still bumpy […]

Saving The Blue Marble by Going Almost Green

by Daphne Bishop Feeling overwhelmed with images of global warming, environmental degradation, species extinction, tainted food supplies and armies of SUV’s careening down rural roadways? Worried that setting even one foot in front of the other increases carbon emissions? Or have you simply had enough of earnest movie stars “greening” their homes for more money […]

How the Independent Movement Went Left By Going Right

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson Over at The Hankster (named for its originator, Nancy Hanks, and a leading online voice of independent political thought), there’s a great article by Jacqueline Salit, executive editor of The Neo-Independent on the contribution of independent voters to Barack Obama’s election. The title itself is intruiging: If you’re into electoral politics, […]