Don’t Let GOP Fool You, It’s Long Supported ‘Socialism’ and Still Does

Some people really seem to be spending a lot of time yammering on about “socialism” heading into the next elections. It appears to be part of an attempt to deflect from the Republicans’ unseemly relationships with veteran Communist officials who still run Russia, and prey on the emotions of the more poorly informed among the […]

There are Rural Voters Waiting to Hear from Us; Lets talk to Them

We reject the click-bait driven misconception about a widening urban-rural political gap in America. It is a fact that most progressive voters live in big cities and suburbs closest to large urban areas. It is also a fact that progressive strategies are aimed at the largest clusters of Democratic voters. Because of those two factors […]

The Government’s Assault on Rural America Must End!

 For the past two and half years Rural America has been under assault by a government that shows little respect for how hard its people work to make a decent living. As the Business Record of Des Moines reported this month, “Overall the rural economy is in the dumps.” Rural Americans worry more than their […]

Rural Americans Aren’t Fools; We See the Pattern of Deception

They must think we’re fools. The Republicans are embracing a pattern of deception that is making their followers among us in Rural America look like idiots. It’s not a new fraud, either. This scam has been going on for at least two years. The sham started with promises of policies that could have been a […]

New Leadership in Congress Will Revive Jobs-Creating Plan for Rebuilding America’s Rural Roads, Bridges, Highways and Broadband

A new balance of power in Washington will be the best chance to resuscitate the government’s agenda for rebuilding and repairing aging, obsolete and in some cases dangerous Rural Roads, Highways and Waterways. A Democratic majority in at least one chamber of Congress will also try to rescue the struggling strategy for bringing high speed […]

GOP Leaders: We Gave Richest Americans and Corporations Big Tax Cut; Now We Want to Rip the American Safety Net Off the Middle Class Backs

Republicans have been boasting how they plan to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for the majority of Americans if they are able to hold onto control of both chambers of Congress next week. It’s incredible how out of touch the GOP leadership is with the American people. Polls have long shown that voters don’t […]

Just in from National Farmers Union

“Major changes need to be made to this bill. Farmers Union urges the House to send it back to committee to make significant improvements worthy of the men and woman who feed, fuel and clothe our nation.”

Christian and Charitable Organizations Are Joining Right- and Left-Leaning Partisan Groups in Opposing GOP House Farm Bill

After the $1.5 trillion tax bonanza mostly for corporations and billionaires, many people thought an equally generous Farm Bill would be easy pickings. Traditionally no major measure is crafted to unite an urban-suburban-rural coalition of supporters like the Farm Bill since it ultimately reaches the dinner of every American. From incentives for the people who […]

Rural America Would Benefit from Bipartisan Senate Budget Deal

Investment in Rural America is a big part of the bipartisan budget deal reached today in the Senate. The compromise would allow the Pentagon and other agencies to do some longer-term planning, for change – a luxury not afforded the federal government since the Trump administration took office. The only question now is will House […]

In the Can’t Make This Stuff Up Department: U.S. Will Need to Borrow Almost $1 Trillion from China and Others This Year to Pay for Tax Cuts

Update Nov. 3: Way back in February we warned that the Trump administration will sell $1.34 trillion in new U.S. debt this year, the Treasury Department estimates. That’s a 146% jump over last year and the most new debt issued since the aftermath of the Bush-era Great Recession. Original Post: The plan seemed simple enough: […]